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Peveril Securities and Sladen Estates understand the importance of sustainability, providing vibrant communities while protecting the natural, built and historical environment. As such, extensive work has been undertaken to assess the site and the surrounding area, as well as identifying the following technical constraints that have been addressed and mitigated against in the draft proposals.

Flood Risk

Flood zones have been set by the Environment Agency to determine the potential for an area to flood as a result of its proximity to the sea or a river. Given the site’s proximity to the River Wey, it falls within flood zone 3A and 3B. This identifies areas of the site as being at higher risk of flooding and this has been taken into consideration in the development of the plans.

Following discussions with the Environmental Agency their comments have been taken on board to ensure the scheme has been designed so that the buildings won’t flood.

Any developer working in an area of potential flood risk is required to demonstrate to the council and the Environment Agency that the proposed development will not increase flooding elsewhere. A full Flood Risk Assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application.

The plans will also include the use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), where possible, designed to drain away surface water through collection, storage and cleaning before allowing it to be released slowly back into the environment.


Sladen Estates recognises the need to protect existing ecology features of the site and provide an enhanced green space to improve the setting of the river.

The plans will create a new green corridor along the existing pedestrian route along the River Wey which will improve the environment for existing and new residents. Trees and hedgerows will be retained where possible, and extensive landscaping will be provided, throughout the site.

The lighting will be designed to avoid any light pollution into natural habitats along the river.

View looking North

View looking North